The doctors

The doctors. Rise and power of a great dynasty, by Claudia Tripodi (Cover)

The doctors. Rise and power of a great dynasty, is the book of Claudia Tripodi just released (came out on 3 November last).

Below I propose to the readers of History Pills basic information on the text and the author as sent to the site.

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the doctors

Medici coat of arms

The book retraces the history of the Medici family and its most prominent members, starting from the origins of the fortune of the family in late fourteenth-century Florence, passing through the great Renaissance era of Lorenzo the Magnificent it is the first Grand Duke Cosimo I, until you reach Gian Gastone, failure without direct descendants in 1737 and traditionally considered as the last heir of the dynasty (see also

A thread that intertwines, in politics as well as in art and science, to the passage of Italy and Europe to Modernity, told in a discursive way through the tools of historical research, published and unpublished sources, documentary and iconographic, of a private and public nature, with attention also to protagonism of female component of the family - like Caterina, queen of France - and to that ecclesiastical.

Claudia Tripodi

PhD in Medieval History and graduated in Archivistics, Palaeography and Diplomatics at the State Archives of Florence.

Among his publications, The Spini between the 14th and 15th centuries. The decline of an ancient Florentine family (2013) and the curatorship of Vespucci, Florence and the Americas (with G. Pinto e L. Rhombus, 2014) (photo: and courtesy of the author).