To follow the men's fashion of the time, Sweyn I of Denmark went down in history as “Bearded”

Sweyn I of Denmark (969 circa – 1014), Viking leader, son of Harald Dente Blu and father of Canute the Great, king of Denmark, England and part of Norway, went down in history as the Beard forcuta.

You know the reason for this nickname?

Because of one men's fashion that raged in Middle Ages in that area of ​​the world and which the monarch followed to the letter with great commitment, apparently.

We have scant and controversial news about Sweyn I's life.

Numerous historians even believe that the sources at our disposal are in many places entirely fictitious, almost certainly for reasons of political expediency.

It seems that after the 1000 Sweyn has been the protagonist of several raids in English territory, officially as revenge for the killing of Danish inhabitants in a sort of ethnic cleansing of which he was the victim, among others, his sister too Grunilde.

According to some however, this very serious episode would have been only one pretext.

Sweyn needed to money and therefore he would have taken it by collecting i redemptions paid by the inhabitants of those localities to avoid other similar raids.

The fashion of making one line in the middle of the beard to divide it exactly in two, probably the king saw it in England and copied it.

Hence the epithet of Bearded (photo: