Philip the Good

Anonymous portrait of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy. He was a cultured man, intelligent and full of virtue, but also exaggeratedly vain

L’story what I tell in this post it is quite significant to convey the idea of vanity of Philip the Good (1396-1467) and what a person of power could come up with a few centuries ago.

Filippo III Duke of Burgundy, say the good, he was an educated man, lover of arts and letters, intelligent and with an uncommon political flair but, like everyone else, it had its flaws.

The chronicles describe him as a lover of pomp, devoted to the pleasures of the flesh and very vain.

Let's even say exaggerated vain.

Here's what he did.

Due to an illness the duke, at some point in his life, was forced to completely shave your hair.

Evidently he did not like himself too much and was afraid of disfiguring himself among the others.

So it was that in 1461 he ordered all the nobles of his lands to shave their hair to zero, just like him.

Not all, however, obeyed: someone refused to carry out an arrangement that must have appeared, and indeed it was, an unjust taxation.

The rebels though, they even paid for their courage with the prison (photo: alamy).