Henry IV of Bourbon

Assassination of Henry IV of Bourbon in a painting

Henry IV of Bourbon, say the great (1553-1610), he was the first king of France of the Bourbon dynasty.

Much was said about him in 2008, when following the investigation of two journalists, a mummified skull which was believed to be that of the sovereign.

After thorough cross-examination, most scholars favor a certain attribution to Henry IV, but there are also conflicting voices.

The question in short, it is still open and debated.

And since it is also very interesting, I'll be back soon to deal with specifics post.

In this one instead, I just want to report a nice anecdote about the character (my site, At bottom, it mainly tells curiosity, small or large).

I have indeed read, that the king did not like to wash at all.

Nothing strange so far given the low propensity to care for personal hygiene at the French court even in monarchs of a later period (see also: https://www.pilloledistoria.it/1576/storia-moderna/primo-bagno-luigi-xiv), only that Enrico added, as they say, the “loaded from ninety”.

Indeed, the august gentleman, he loved garlic and ate it often, only afterwards he didn't rinse his mouth or hands.

The result?

That someone wrote about him that he smelled like a carrion.

An unflattering judgment for anyone, let alone for a king! (photo: wikipedia.org)