fables in Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, when a child died, his favorite tale accompanied him to the afterlife

They told each other fables in Ancient Egypt?

The answer is yes.

To tell us unequivocally are theirs burials.

We all know how well the cult of the dead was deeply rooted in Egyptian culture (see also: https://www.pilloledistoria.it/9539/storia-antica/cosi-mangiavano-gli-egiziani).

Their graves, for the great fortune of posterity, tell of lives, of events and customs like few other finds in the world can do.

Strongly convinced that after death they continued to live in another world but substantially as before, the Egyptians arranged around the deceased the objects most dear to him so that he could also take them with him “on the other side”.

Thanks to this custom, not only an infinite number of finds have been preserved for millennia, often intact or almost, but it is as if their daily life has come down to us as intact.

E’ so that, Inter alia, we are aware of the fables in Ancient Egypt.

When a child in fact he was dying, next to the body, among his favorite objects and considered indispensable in the afterlife, also reclined a papyrus with the story he loved most.

This means fairy tales, even then, they were part of the training of the little ones.

In short, the Egyptians too, they told imaginative stories to their children.

A habit that has existed since the dawn of time and never goes out of fashion (photo: siciliareport).