death of julius caesar

The death of Julius Caesar in a painting

The death of Julius Caesar it was one of the epochal events in the millenary history of Rome.

The dictator, now strongly disliked by most members of the Senate, fell pierced from beyond 40 stab at Ides of March 44 a.C.

Among the conspirators, as known, there was the beloved adopted son (a natural) Stupid (see also: e

The ancient Romans, and to, they were very superstitious, always ready to catch hidden signs in any event, but the death of Julius Caesar, actually, was as announced by ominous omens.

It must have been pure coincidence, but starting a few days before the murder, strange coincidences followed one after the other.

Catastrophic forecasts and premonitory dreams characterized the eve of that event.

in conclusion, the end of Caesar was in the air.

The first to upset the mind of the politician was the soothsayer Spurinna, who tried to warn him of the danger he felt close by.

Beware of the Ides of March!” he told him.

The second was his wife Calpurnia, who in a dream saw her husband perish in the collapse of the roof of his home.

Finally an alarming dream vision, in which he could see himself flying into the sky and shaking Jupiter's hand, it disturbed the sleep of the dictator himself.

But it took much more to stop Julius Caesar, who certainly had never lacked courage.

When Calpurnia begged him not to go to the Senate, he reassured her by telling her not to believe certain superstitions.

It was the last time they spoke (photo: