Tomb of St. Peter the Apostle

Pope Francis prays on the tomb of St. Peter the Apostle

You know where there is tomb of St. Peter?

Where the apostle so loved by Jesus and considered the first pope of the Catholic Church is buried?

His mortal remains are found in the so-called Vatican necropolis, in turn located under the Vatican caves at a depth of about ten meters.

It is a very ancient and suggestive place.

E’ here in fact that there are many sepulchers both pagans and Christians of the Roman era.

Any historical doubt about the arrival in Rome of the fisherman from Galilee, of his preaching and his martyrdom, vanished in the 1940s thanks to the Archaeological excavations undertaken with the permission of the time father Pius XII.

This great man of faith indeed, cultured and sensitive, he understood that the time had come to give a definitive answer to the age-old doubts and mysteries surrounding the burial site of Peter.

And so it was.

At the end of the searches, terminated in 1949, the tomb of San Pietro was found and identified without any possibility of error.

If you click on this link (which I highly recommend), you can read a detailed and precise article on that event.

E’ written by Margherita Guarducci, famous Italian archaeologist and epigraphist who participated in the excavations.

An exciting page in our recent history, which has definitely closed one quarrel millennial (photo:

The short video which you find below (gives, in less than 4 minutes allows one virtual tour inside the Vatican Grottoes, one of the most evocative places in the world: