pornai ancient greece

Erotic scene painted on a vase from Ancient Greece

You know who they were porn?

They were called the lower-ranking prostitutes in Ancient Greece.

In the country that was the cradle of civilization in fact, in the field of prostitution there was a kind of Ranking among the women who practiced this trade (see also:

The Etere they were the high-end ones, also endowed with considerable intellect and culture, while porn they were the opposite, that is, the lowest, gives “little money” and therefore within everyone's reach.

The name came from the verb pernemi, or to sell (exactly like the word porno).

Usually it was the slaves of foreign origin who carried out this activity, especially in the classical period.

In the Hellenistic era, in addition to them, it was not uncommon for girls repudiated by their families to do pornai, forced in one way or another to survive.

Not only.

Any Greek citizen could become the master of these women to exploit their sexual services and get rich by keeping a part of their earnings..

However, there was a counterpart from which it was not possible to escape: pay the related taxes.

Finally, they deserve at least a mention i pornographic.

How easy it is to guess, they were the boys and men who practiced prostitution in equally degraded conditions (photo: