Leopardi Recanati House

Leopardi Recanati House: the poet's bedroom

The news is really good: since yesterday, 18 June 2020, Leopardi house in Recanati has opened the rooms private of Giacomo.

Precisely those in which the great poet spent his childhood and youth among the family, hopes e “welded book”.

It will finally be possible to visit, in addition to the great library wanted by Monaldo, in which the gifted scion spent most of his days, even the spaces where he ate, he slept, the brothers Carlo and Paolina conversed and amused with tales fruit of his fervent imagination.

A dream common to all will come true (including me) who love Giacomo Leopardi.

Leopardi Recanati House: the inauguration and the words of the poet's great-grandson

Leopardi Recanati House

Palazzo Leopardi: library and bust of the poet

It is expressed precisely in these terms, not by chance, Olimpia Leopardi, at the inauguration held yesterday.

The daughter of the late Count Vanni, creator of the project, claimed that “after two hundred years, our family opens spaces that, until today, were for our exclusive use e, mostly, the series of environments that have long been the forbidden desire of every Giacomo Leopardi enthusiast, Brecce, or its apartments”.

It will be an unparalleled emotion to be able to see, Inter alia, the room from which the artist could contemplate the “vague stars of the Bear”, the gardens and the gallery with the art collections.

An immense gift that the family gives to all of us, giving us the opportunity to get to know the intimate and everyday Leopardi up close.

After difficult months, Italy starts from what has always made it unique in the world: his own story, the culture it expresses and the art it is capable of creating.

Information and reservations

Path “Where I lived as a boy” can not miss in the baggage of our knowledge.

I remind you that the rooms can only be visited on reservation from Tuesday to Friday by calling the number 339 2039459.

More information you find them at this link: https://www.giacomoleopardi.it/ove-abitai-fanciullo/ (photo: altrogiornalemarche.it e r101.it).