The plague doctor

Right now all of us Italians are experimenting on our skin what the quarantine.

For days we are closed in the house, and just as we will do in the days ahead, to win our war against Coronavirus.

We owe it to ourselves and to others.

Surely many of you may have made questions about what exactly the term itself “quarantine”, why it is called just like that and what is the origin of the name of the practice.

Learn everything you need to know.

Quarantine: what's this

The quarantine is a health strategy which consists of a forced isolation, We need to stem the contagion when there is the risk of a’epidemic.

In practice the sick people are isolated from healthy ones, in such a way that they can not infect.

Quarantine: origin of the term

The term indicates “40 days”, or that, one time, It was considered the ideal duration of the separation of people infected and healthy population.

Today quarantine does not have to be 40 exact days, but simply indicates the practice itself (regardless of how many actual days it hard).

A bit’ of history

Almost certainly the quarantine dating back to the '300 e, precisely, the dramatic period of the so-called over nera.

With this expression indicates quell’epidemic Plague in full Middle Ages, from 1348 al 1359, spread throughout Europe causing millions of deaths (see also: https://www.pilloledistoria.it/3708/storia-moderna/peste-grandi-epidemie-storia).

It was then that occurred the first quarantine in history.

In 1347, when a ship from the East docked in the port of Ragusa (odierna Dubrovnik, Croatia), The authorities imposed to the passengers of the same do not get down before they were passed 30 days, then become 40.

This served to ensure that none of the foreigners suffered from a disease that could later be passed on to citizenship.

The new method was pleased to Europeans, Since that time it strove successfully later.

I lazzaretti


The hospital for plague victims The Betrothed

Those who have read the Betrothed of Alessandro Manzoni (I hope all!), for sure will remember the magnificent description of lazzaretto welcomes plague victims.

Well, i lazzaretti It was created precisely with the precise aim to serve as a Isolation centers for lepers, who remained here in the hope of healing, but away from the healthy population, so that he did not run away or at most risk of becoming infected.

The quarantine remains to this day the best defense against infectious diseases.

In the past it was also used for leprosy and the syphilis, recently for Ebola and now, Unfortunately, for the Coronavirus.

therefore we are all at home and defend ourselves (photo: ilpost.it e promessisposi.weebly.com).