hen's eggs 1700 Years ago

The egg found in England

They come from a Roman site near Aylesbury, in England, four chicken eggs about 1700 Years ago.

Incredibly, they were completely intact!

They were located inside a well from Roman times together with other objects, mostly shoes and things made of wood.

Unfortunately, upon recovery, three of these chicken eggs broke and now, being examined by experts, there is only one left.

The precious and fragile artefact is now safely stored in a plastic case, wrapped in acid-free fabric.

Contact with certain substances indeed, could irreparably damage the shell.

After the ritual analyzes, will be exhibited at Buckinghamshire County Museum along with the other memorabilia.

According to experts, the finding is exceptional in several respects, also because it seems incredible that the earth has preserved such delicate objects for so many centuries.

In other words, no one would have expected to find such old and even intact eggs one day (see also https://www.pilloledistoria.it/5106/preistoria/scoperto-in-polonia-meteorite-preistorico).

A curiosity: members of the team of archaeologists engaged in excavations, have claimed that, after their accidental breakage, the eggs gave off an incredible stench.

To learn more click here: https://www.quotidiano.net/magazine/uova-marce-romane-1.4930711 (photo: oltre-la-notte.blogspot.com).