vitrified remains of the brain

The remains of vitrified brain found in the skull of Herculaneum

In the skull of a man who died during’eruption of Vesuvius that in 79 d.C. He destroyed Herculaneum and Pompeii, They are vitrified remains of the brain.

The discovery of such artifacts is rare in archeology, since almost never such fabrics are durable.

The remains in question are also vitrified, that we are transformed from the extreme heat in the fragments similar to obsidian, although more fragile.

But who is the victim in question?

Almost certainly it is the custodian of the temple dedicated to Augustus, a religious building in Herculaneum.

As well as his unfortunate countrymen, the man died instantly due to a shock thermal fulminant.

It was not the suffocating gas to kill him.

The discovery of the body, which it is located in Herculaneum archaeological park, dates back to the '60s, but only recently we have seen the remains of vitrified brain concerning him.

The news was published on New England Journal of Medicine.

Pier Paul Petrone, anthropologist at the University Federico II of Naples, scholar specializing in the effects caused by the eruption of Vesuvius on the population and the surrounding area, coordinated research.

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Herculaneum and Pompeii never cease to amaze?

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