dairy products

Cheeses and other dairy products on a table set a few centuries ago

In Renaissance, in reference to diet, registered a boom of cheeses and dairy products generally.

The trend compared to the Middle Ages it completely changed.

At that time, in fact, cheese was considered a food for the poor, while the rich used it more to beautify the dishes that as a food in itself.

From the fifteenth century everything changed: cheeses and dairy products came “ennobled”, buying one “dignity” hitherto unknown.

E’ so that they made their appearance even on the tables of the wealthiest.

But what were the favorite cheeses in Italy?

It informs us of this Platina, considered the largest chef Renaissance (you see https://www.pilloledistoria.it/3000/storia-moderna/cenni-storici-cucina-italiana-dal-rinascimento-allinizio-900).

He writes: “they vie for the primacy [as for appreciation] the March, which is done in Tuscany in March, and Parmesan from the Cisalpine regions, which can also be called maggengo, from the month of May”.

The marzolino and the parmesan then, two cheeses that are still popular today.

In addition to them, wide consensus and employment also found the butter and the put, said the latter “milk skin”, used both for the preparation of savory dishes and for desserts (Photo gives: lauramalinverni.wordpress.com).