Raphael's death

The Raphael's death in a painting

Of the Raphael's death, the great Italian painter, I have already spoken in this post: https://www.pilloledistoria.it/10835/storia-moderna/raffaello-mori-a-causa-di-eccessi-amorosi.

Second Giorgio Vasari, He killed by “amorous excesses”, an expression that was most likely to indicate a venereal disease.

The artist disappeared 6 April 1520, the day of his thirty-seventh birthday.

The cause was actually a disease, probably syphilis?

In reality, especially in the eighteenth century, body took another hypothesis, that poisoning.

But who could have wished for the death of Raffaello enough to get to kill him?

The offender was identified Sebastiano del Piombo, great rival of the painter and terribly jealous of him, who at the time it was at the height of his success.

There was no court or ladies who do not wish to make use of the extraordinary talent of Raphael.

They can, therefore,, the fame and glory, be his even cost the lives?

A circumstance appears about it rather disturbing.

At death, from Urbino he was working on Transfiguration, work that Giuliano De Medici He had commissioned both to him and to Del Piombo.

The canvas remained unfinished and was found (seems) on the bed.

It is not enough.

Sources say that the exhumation of the corpse of the painter, in 1722, clear traces were found of Arsenic poisoning.

These few elements to safely establish the cause of death of Raphael?

The only certain thing is that this year marks the quincentennial event and we hope that Italy celebrate him as it should (Photo gives: la-morte-di-raffaello-da-urbino.blogspot.com).