claret cup

Claret Cup

That to prepare the Claret Cup, is the recipe number 730 the famous cookbook of Pellegrino Artusi, The Science in the Kitchen – The art of eating well.

It is a drink that the great English chef Italian 800 defines “pleasant and easy to perform”.

only recommendation?

To make it you need a good quality red wine.

Artusi suggests burgundy, chianti, sangiovese and the like.

The ingredients that occur are as follows: decilitre wine 5, water ounces 5, lemons 5, white sugar grams 500.

Carried verbatim the procedure:

“Boil sugar in water 5 minutes.

Remove from the fire, squeezed into this syrup lemons and pour the wine, then pass from a diaper.

Put it back to the fire to boil slowly 25 minutes and cooled, imbottigliatelo.

Servitevene diluted with water and cooled with ice in summer.

Dovendolo keep long, keep it in the cellar”.

The alcohol content of the beverage is remarkable, therefore only drink on a full stomach!

In addition to Claret Cup, in the recipe Artusi there is an entire section devoted to the preparation of syrups.

sure, since then the guidelines of proper nutrition have changed profoundly, but it will be most recipes remains fully valid also for us (photo: