regent diamond

Diamond said “Regent”

The Regent It is an ancient and beautiful diamond that brings with it an incredible story of grief and tragedy (see also

Practically, is said to bring bad luck to whoever is in possession.

The facts, the rest, They seem to agree with this black legend.

The aforementioned diamond was found by chance in 1701 by a slave in India, precisely in a mine on the river Kistna.

To hide and keep safe the precious gem, man practiced a wound and held it between the bandages for a long time.

A few years later a sailor, He came in on the secret, He killed the slave and sold the stone to a merchant.

However the thief did not enjoy to take long obtained: won by remorse, committed suicide.

We find the jewel in the hands of Duke Philip II of Orleans, regent of France during the minority of Louis XV (hence the diamond name), who bought it for a figure that we can assume sensational.

The Orleans were the junior branch of the French royal family, wiped out during the revolution.

It was at that time that the diamond was stolen, until Napoleon Bonaparte He not found him and used it to adorn the hilt of the sword.

Immediately after the general was defeated at Waterloo and then exiled to Saint Helena.

Today, the Regent is located in Paris, stored in a transparent box inside the Louvre Museum (photo: