doctors-3 in the name of the family

The doctors 3 – In the name of the family

The saga of the great Medici family continues to enjoy success on TV: the first four episodes of The doctors 3 – In the name of the family They have got a great share (and broke the program Barbara D'Urso Live-Non It is the D'Urso on Channel 5!).

Monday 9 December, starting from 21.25, his Rai Uno will be aired the fifth and the sixth episode.

Here are the respective weft.

In the first, by title The Holy See, after the death of Sixtus IV Lorenzo and his wife Clarice travel to Rome in an attempt to influence the next papal election.

As usual they must contend with Riario, which aims to elect his cousin Raffaele.

His wife Caterina Sforza however, unexpectedly, He decides to support the Medici.

In the second episode, A Man of No Importance, Lorenzo begins to experience symptoms of the serious illness that led to his death.

To make matters worse, political enemies attack him questioning the solidity of the Medici Bank, which until then he had played a key role in the fortunes of the family.

But now the situation is changing: the bank of the Medici, in effect, It is no longer rich and prosperous as in the past.

At the moment, it manages to stand only because of the money previously stolen from the city's finances.

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