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The Medici-In family name

Finally the wait is over: the first two episodes of fiction The Medici-In family name, They will be broadcast on Rai Uno in prime time Monday 2 December.

This is the third season of the series that tells the human stories and policies of one of the most important Florentine families of the story.

In all eight episodes of the rich suspense divided into four evenings.

The Medici-In family name has for protagonist Lorenzo the magnificent, now mature and ready to consolidate their power.

Around him, great Renaissance patron, rotate the artists who made great Florence, among which Leonardo, Michelangelo e Sandro Botticelli, and the women of the family, educated and intelligent, ready to support their men in every circumstance.

In the first episode, Survival, a few months away from Pazzi conspiracy which has cost the lives of the young Giuliano De Medici, Lorenzo is still full of anger and thirst for revenge.

Between him and the Pope Sixtus IV It wears one remote clash which seeks to take advantage of the Count Riario.

The latter fact, try to start a war between Florence and Rome.

In the second episode, by title The ten, the Kingdom of Naples came on supporting the papal troops.

This could mark the end of the Priors of Florence and someone starts to doubt Lorenzo.

What will it do and how to react The magnificent? (photo: