Ladislaus of Naples

Portrait of Ladislaus of Naples

How really he died Ladislaus of Naples, say Magnanimous?

It was the victim of a disease, as the official version has it, or a murder with lapels bold?

Officially the cause of premature death was a’prostate infection, probably due to the well known sexual promiscuity.

However there is also a legend about who might have some truth.

Ladislaus of Naples was terrified of being poisoned and eliminate the threat did sample the food and drink to him from someone else before him.

The king was not wrong, in effect.

In the courts of the '400 and' 500 the poison It became the most used weapon to eliminate prominent personalities, political and enemies in general.

Besides the poison left no trace and trace the culprit was very difficult.

To escape the constant danger spread the habit of having a assayer (see also

In practice, those who feared to be a target, before swallowing whatever, The taste was a person in charge: if the victim did not die in a few moments, food and / or drinks were not contaminated.

Ladislas died in 1414, a 38 years, after a meeting with his fiery lover of Perugia.

He said that the genitals of the woman were sprinkled with a lethal substance.

Not having the ability to achieve the purpose in other ways, opponents would have thought to infect only thing the wary monarch would never have dreamed of being tested (photo: