Modena lovers

The “Modena lovers”

In 2009, in a Modena necropolis of Late Antiquity (IV-VI century), they were found, in one grave, two bodies tight hand in hand, now renamed the “Modena lovers”.

It was assumed that they were a man and a woman, It is not so.

The results of a sophisticated analysis of the tooth enamel fact, They have shown that, in reality, It is two males.

The test is used to determine the sex of an individual and can not go wrong.

To date there are no known graves similar to this.

What could be the explanation?

E’ very unlikely, although it can not be entirely excluded, that we are faced with two homosexuals, as unlikely at the time the value of their bond would be recognized to the extent of inumarli together.

It could be close relatives, brothers or cousins, because ages are similar or, yet, of soldiers who died together in battle.

To substantiate the latter case, the fact that the cemetery in question is almost certainly a war cemetery.

At the current state of the Modena lovers remain a mystery.

Who knows that soon if they can learn more.

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