william blackstone

An old washing machine model. That of William Blackstone is dated 1874

The washing machine It has a long history (you see https://www.pilloledistoria.it/9460/storia-contemporanea/lantenata-della-lavatrice), but we may consider the American merchant William Blackstone the first manufacturer of these handy appliances.

On the occasion of the birthday of his wife in 1874 indeed, the man gave his invention a machine for washing clothes in an easier way.

It was a wooden barrel to be filled with hot water and soap.

The cloths were arranged inside and an axle equipped with pins, by manually move into the top and bottom, He shook them to clean them.

Although we may seem rudimentary, this washing machine before letter allowing you to clean your clothes so less work than in the past.

For this reason, the success was immediate and William Blackstone began selling its revolutionary machine for the price of 2,50 dollars a piece.

Later the man formed his own company in New York and we can consider the first true manufacturer of washing machines on record.

Among all the modern appliances, the machine for laundry is one that has changed the daily habits of the people.

If for centuries washing clothes it has taken much time and energy, especially women, thanks to the washing machine is not anymore (photo: trovaprezzi.it).