Vitruvian Man

Really Leonardo da Vinci He was an expert enigmatography?

Exactly: among the many passions of the greatest genius of Renaissance there were also puzzles.

Leonardo enjoyed inventing riddles, charades, brain teasers, games of various kinds and, mostly, it was amazing (also!) in solving the affairs.

This feature helps to give the exact measure of the great versatility of his personality and the extraordinary diversity of interests.

Second Alessandro Vezzosi, scholar and director of Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci Vinci, the fact that the artist and scientist was, Inter alia, a pioneer dell'enigmistica, “It is a curious piece of the mosaic neuronal Leonardo” (see also https://www.pilloledistoria.it/12068/storia-moderna/isabella-daragona-e-leonardo-da-vinci).

I will return soon on the topic (Photo gives: https://www.repubblica.it/cronaca/2019/05/02/news/leonardo_da_vinci_500_anni_morte_anniversario-225294413/).