The poison was one of the weapons used during the Renaissance to get rid of enemies

In ‘500, in all European courts, if broadcasts “fashion” dell’assayer, a device that was intended to avoid any attempt of poisoning.

We know how successful was the poison in Renaissance, used as a weapon of choice to get rid of enemies or anyone who constitute an obstacle to their ambitions.

Countermeasures are thus made necessary.

But what was he doing, practically, a taster?

He had the thankless task of eating and / or drinking first one dish and / or beverage intended for a high-placed personage, often a political.

If he died poisoned or did not feel bad, It meant that food and / or drink were not contaminated.

An unenviable position.

Moreover, in the sixteenth century it was unleashed in Europe a real psychosis about the fear of being poisoned, but this was not the only time that you resorted to the tasters.

This custom was in fact widespread already at the Roman emperors, that before mouthing anything made her swallow the praegustatores, always chosen from among the slaves, which of course they could not rebel.

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