Welcome Cellini

A portrait of Benvenuto Cellini

A strange and curious thread ties together Welcome Cellini, the syphilis and a botched attempt to poison damage to artist.

Fate is sometimes very bizarre and the anecdote that follows is a manifestation.

The great Florentine goldsmith and sculptor in 1529 He became ill with syphilis, a pathology then widespread, but he refused to heal.

At the time, in fact,, the only valid remedy against the disease was mercury, but had many side effects, including severe mood swings, paranoia and megalomania.

Such contraindications Cellini convinced not to undergo treatment.

Shortly after, however,, there was an episode that is unbelievable.

Benvenuto Cellini was anything but a saint (see also https://www.pilloledistoria.it/10872/storia-moderna/benvenuto-cellini-artista-e-stupratore) and its behavior irascible, quarrelsome and he overbearing pushed some of his acquaintances to want to kill him.

The weapon of choice was typical of the Renaissance: the poison.

During a dinner, diners put in a mercury salt sauce, a very toxic compound.

Cellini ate it, and in the following days was prey to strong gastrointestinal pain, but he died.

Not only: mercury killed Treponema Pallidum, or the bacterium of syphilis, healing in fact the artist.

That lived for 42 years (Photo gives: it.wikipedia.org).