Moon Landing

Piero and Alberto Angela tell the moon landing

Airs Saturday 2 November on Rai Uno starting from 21.20 the sixth installment of Ulisse: the pleasure of discovery, this time completely focused on Moon Landing.

The landing occurred exactly at 20:17 of the 20 July 1969 and the fiftieth anniversary of the event Piero and Alberto Angela have created a special that is proposed today.

This is basically a journey into the deepest meanders and sometimes unknown of an event that has deeply marked the history and which in some ways is still controversial today.

Piero and Alberto Angela retrace the key stages that brought the astronauts Neil Armstrong e Buzz Aldrin to set foot on the moon.

Anecdotes, curiosity and an unprecedented “behind the scenes” the event itself, make the most compelling tale.

Among the most interesting parts of the episode also, there's interview to Piero Angela Micheal Collins, the third member of the crew’Apollo 11.

This season Ulisse: the pleasure of discovery, is literally taking viewers glued to the screen many Italians.

The shooting outdoors, the places related to the topics covered, and the competence of the conductor, They are probably the key to success of the program.

In addition, the variety of topics covered, from time to time historians, scientific and artistic.

The culture in the early evening is always a risk, but it appears that the experiment is succeeding, Luckily, perfectly.

Perhaps better than expected.

It only remains to be hoped that it is not an isolated case (Photo gives: