Alberto Angela

The episode of Ulysses-The joy of discovery dedicated to Marie Antoinette

Those who love the history and, in particular, Maria Antonietta, You can not miss the third episode of the new season Ulysses-The joy of discovery, on air Saturday 5 October 2019 Rai Uno starting from 21.25.

The evening fact, It is dedicated to the unfortunate Queen of France guillotined during the French Revolution.

Alberto Angela, with its known narrative capacity, traces the key stages of the brief but intense life of Maria Theresa's daughter, trying to bring out the true face, literally inundated with slander and gossip from that made disliked by many of his contemporaries.

From happy and carefree little girl at the Viennese court, Marie Antoinette found herself adult only 14 years, when she was forced to marry the young Louis XVI Delfina and itself become a country unknown to her.

It never truly accepted by the French, the queen was actually a woman alone and often melancholic, who found comfort in the family and a few friends.

The sufferings and injustices suffered in the last troubled years of its existence, deliver to the world the image of a proud woman, proud and inviolable dignity.

To enable us to better get into character, Alberto Angela leads the cameras in the spacious halls of Versailles and in the most significant places that were the backdrop to the sad parable of the sovereign (see also:

No lover can miss this event (Photo gives: