Louis IX

Portrait of Louis IX

What really he died Louis IX, King of France become, after the canonization, San Luigi?

He, as known, He died under the walls of Tunis after’eighth crusade suffering from an unspecified illness (see also https://www.pilloledistoria.it/4256/storia-antica/alessandro-magno-era-ubriacone).

Historians agreed that it had been over, then very frequent, but a recent study it denies.

Philippe Charlier, paleoanthropologist specializing in the analysis of human remains of historical figures, after submitting the jaw the sovereign the scanner and carbon 14, It concluded that it was instead of scurvy.

In regal relic, kept in the Parisian cathedral of Notre-Dame, It would then be the final answer to the question secular.

According to the scholar, scurvy attacked the gum and the bone then the king, which he would gradually weakened until succumbing at the age of 56 years.

The year was 1270 and at that time scurvy was quite widespread.

The disease was due to a severe shortage of vitamin C body and, in severe cases, She could lead to death (Photo gives: messadelpapa.com).