savoiardi biscuits

Finger biscuits

Would you have said that savoiardi biscuits, the famous biscuits also used for the preparation of many homemade desserts, date back to Middle Ages?

To be precise at the end of '300 and the name derives from that of House of Savoy (see also

The story goes that to invent was a cook who worked for the Count of Savoy Amedeo VI on the occasion of a visit of the real in Chambéry.

We do not know exactly the original recipe, but it certainly foresaw the use of eggs, flour and sugar.

The Savoy met with success and spread even outside the Italian borders, starting with France.

The rest, They are also very popular today either alone as the basis of some sweet.

At bottom, What would the tiramisu and the Sponge cake without them? (photo: