words of loveThe words of love never go out of fashion: They were wonderful in the past, so are the days of Facebook and of Twitter and will in the future.

The love, and to, rules the world, It gives meaning to life and constitutes one of the leitmotiv main Literature of every age.

The Italian Literature in particular, includes poets and writers unprecedented levels, whose love phrases make you dream readers around the world for centuries.

From '300 to date, there is a plethora of great authors for whom Love has played a key role, in life as in art.

What could be better and more effectively at the bottom, to entrust to a few but direct words their feelings and state mood of the moment?

Never underestimate the power of words of love in a relationship!

love phrases in the Internet Era: technology at the service of tradition

The man has felt the need to express their feelings since the dawn of civilization, Just think of some ancient petroglyphs and the famous and still legible written imprinted on walls of Pompeii.

Loving someone and shout it to the world is part of every culture in every age.

Who thinks this is anachronistic today that all use the internet, you're wrong.

Changing the means, but not the substance.

This means that if once again the words of love were carved with sharp stones or feathers goose down, Today they type on web and on the mobile phone, but the aim remains the same, or declare your feelings.

Whether it's romantic or passionate love, a bright moment or crisis, sweetness or anger, nothing can condense better thought of a precise and targeted sentence.

This explains the success of Siti Online entirely devoted to meetings and love, come Lovepedia, including chat, tips and famous love phrases ready for use.

The communication within a pair continues to also go through the exchange of words of love, Today like yesterday.

Italian Literature: 10 beautiful phrases about love

words of loveThe Italian Literature It is so complex and varied that bring all quotes about love written over the centuries it would be impossible, but limited to the sun 10 phrases It is decidedly easier.

I chose these:

1) “Very little loves the one who can still express, with words, what you love” (Dante Alighieri)

2) “Who has not seen light up in a clear eye on the brilliance of the first tender, He does not know the highest human happiness. After, no other moment of joy will equal that moment” (Gabriele D'Annunzio – The pleasure)

3) “I had never hated anyone as I hated him at that time. And I had never loved anyone as I felt to love him in that instant” (Valentina D'Urbano – The sound of your footsteps)

4) “The loves that seem absurd at times are the best” (Margaret Mazzantini – Came to the world)

5) “Nothing without you be what it is” (Giorgio Caproni)

6) “Only those who love to know. Poor who does not love!” (Elsa Morante)

7) “If they ask you what is the most important thing in life, before you answer, after, always: the love” (Romano Battaglia)

8) “Blessed are those who always kiss beyond the lip, crossing the border of pleasure, to feed on dreams” (Alda Merino)

9) “The love that comes to see me is so slight that the grass on the threshold of the house is always green” (Nicola Moscardelli)

10) “Since I met you, by that I porgesti, divine Ebe, the cup of the love you, for me, life stopped at that point: his years han climbed the arch of time with their fervor, the years to come they are also quick to that goal: and together they provide for you alone, and life has an object, and the time a unique moment: and you're you” (Carducci).