dance chestnuts

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In what consisted, really, what it has gone down in history as the dance chestnuts?

It really came to an event in the middle between the satanic and pornographic that even involved a pope?

It is not known exactly.

According to the testimony of the German master of ceremonies John Burckardt, the evening of 31 October 1501, at the Chestnut Festival instituted by Cesare Borgia, between the sacred Vatican walls it took place a species of orgy with demonic traits.

There was a dinner at which, next, He followed an event little suited to what should be the behavior of a pope.

To cheer the guests were in fact calls 50 prostitute, who danced stripping and then began to collect with the mouth, Scarponi, chestnuts thrown on the floor.

Also Lucrezia Borgia, he reportedly, he participated actively (see also

Guests were not content to admire the ladies but forms, solicited from Pope Alexander VI, They engaged in fleeting embraces.

However according to some historians the story would be rather exaggerated.

Almost certainly Burckardt did not attend the above dance chestnuts, that might have described so as to throw further disrepute Borgia.

The Spanish family, and to, It was not well seen, also because of the excesses that concerned some of its members.

In particular, Alexander exaggerated sexual appetite appeared decidedly at odds with the role (photo: