It is not as popular as football, but the basket It is still one of the most popular sports in the world.

It has often been the protagonist of films: the following article, just arrived in History Pills, It provides an overview of the most famous.



Space Jam, con Michael Jordan

At the turn of the '80s and' 90s basket often he cross their destinies with those of cinema.

In those years I came out some of the finest films dedicated to the history of the sport.

Someone has remained a cult for fans.

Other entered directly in the most beautiful works ever sports-themed.

In some cases the presence of stars Nba (as protagonists or as supernumeraries) It represented the road to access to the public.

“White man can’t jump” of the 1992 It is one of cult for those who love basketball does not "institutional" and challenges in suburban pitches to force low blows and trash talking.

The two protagonists, Woody Harrelson e Wesley Snipes, They are arch-rivals in this cinematic game that goes far beyond sport, touching on topics such as cohabitation between blacks and whites, and life in US suburbs.

One of the biggest brands to the general public is “Space Jam”, arrived in Italy in 1997.

Film that mixes wisely cartoon sports and cinema, It has as the former star of the actors Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan and the mythical Looney Tunes.

Jordan will play himself in the challenge shots of stunts that will put in front of the beloved characters targati Warner Bros and a handful of aliens arrived on earth to steal talent skyrocketing Nba.

Basket: success in the cinema continues

And after denials and postponements could get even sequel in this 2019 with LeBron James in the role of… LeBron James.

Finish shooting, "King" James will work to bring i Los Angeles Lakers elite of Nba.

A ski and a return to playoff, those of Lakers that will be followed with interest by industry experts as bet365, ready to bet on the Lakers as the team revelation of the next season.

Of playoff no mention in “Hoosiers”, film 1986 with star Gene Hackman.

But the fact remains that "Hoosiers", in the Italian version, is one of the best sports films dedicated to the theme of deliverance.

In Indiana 50s basketball is something immutable.

We think the coach Norman Dale (Hackman) revolutionized the game with his ideas and to create a team where all players have a second chance.

In our roundup could not miss “He Got Game” of Spike Lee, milestone of sports cinematography.

The main role is played by ray Allen, stella Nba, that plays the role of Jesus Shuttlesworth, of young talent’high school He is grappling with the problems of college recruiting.

Basketball is, however, only a pretext: The film focuses on the difficult relationship between Allen and his father (Denzel Washington) and on the complex condition of African Americans America today (photo: pixabay ).