Franco Zeffirelli

Franco Zeffirelli

Franco Zeffirelli It shuts down 96 years in his home in Rome and Italians discover that he was a great artist.

Probably he never talked much about him, and certainly not in terms so enthusiastic, as in the last three days.

A bad Italian habit, which unfortunately does not appear to set.

Too often in this country we must die to receive recognition of their merits.

It happens in life when you are not in the right place, understood as the most powerful, business area, politically correct.

And certainly Zeffirelli, courageously and consistently, He never made no secret of being at ease at the other side of that fence.

Born in Florence the 12 February 1923, the director was a Catholic boiling, a anti-communist convinced, a homosexual stated that though not look favorably on the world gay as it is currently represented.

of uncomfortable Statements, that certainly they have not attracted the sympathy of much of the criticism nostrana.

That should have been obvious Impartial, but we know how it works.

Franco Zeffirelli and Italian critics: a difficult relationship

And this explains why Franco Zeffirelli has had more success abroad, that we.

The mere fact that his films, for most international productions, They are almost exclusively been interpreted by foreign actors, It gives an idea of ​​the difficulties in working in Italy.

The teacher he fretted, but not a little consoled the feedback among people.

“In Italy I have always had problems but the general public was on my side and gave me much satisfaction” said.

With Franco Zeffirelli disappears a free man and a brilliant artist.

Actor, screenwriter, cinematographic director, theatrical, operatic and television author of masterpieces such as Jesus of Nazareth, Brother Moon, Tea with Mussolini, Young Toscanini, Jane Eyre, Romeo and Juliet, just to mention some of the most popular titles, and Zeffirelli leaves a 'giant 900 and the first years of the millennium.

He will miss his charisma and even his character toscanaccio doc, Zeffirelli but enjoys the privilege of the artists, or continue to live through his own works.

And now that a huge crowd pays him homage in the most prestigious places of the beloved Florence, even more certain critical bribed and petty appears in all its smallness.

For professional detractors still smoking, Franco Zeffirelli Immortality that it is up to the great (Photo gives: