main courses

Renaissance Meal. The main courses were mostly meat

What were main courses more frequent and loved in Renaissance?

This era was characterized by the profound changes that riguardarono, also, the culinary field.

The food was varied and innovative Renaissance, very different from that of previous centuries.

The discovery of New world Furthermore, at the end of '400, He led to the introduction to the table of food hitherto unknown (see also

But back to the main courses: what you ate?

Mostly much meat.

It greatly spread the bovine meat, scarce in the Middle Ages, ed i volatile.

Tower crane, herons and peacocks They became a constant banquet in the most highly placed environments.

In this regard the Platinum, one of the biggest chef Renaissance and every time, wrote that the flesh of birds “They make the most delicate dishes and much more suited to the tables of kings and principles to those of the humble men and modest census”.

From the Americas, also he came what was called “gallo d'India”, or the turkey (photo: