Ludovico il Moro

Portrait of Ludovico, Duke of Milan

They could be Ludovico il Moro i remains found in Sant'Orso collegiate church in Amman, in France central.

The former lord of Milano He died in this town in 1508 prisoner of the king Louis XII.

During the restoration works carried out in the building, They were found four ancient tombs, one of which seems to correspond to what is written in a source that wants the Duke buried right here.

Only the’DNA test It can definitively clarify the issue.

If the outcome should be positive, the remains could return to Italy, Also to respect the will of the Moro.

Ludovico fact, after death just 21 years of his wife Beatrice D'Este, He built a beautiful family tomb in the Certosa di Pavia, his hometown.

Today the girl rests in Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, but her husband's intentions were to move it there, where one day he wanted to reach it himself.

But why Ludovico il Moro died in France?

Basically because of his wrong alliances.

In 1499 the politically ambitious lost at the hands of the French duchy and tried to regain it with the help of the Swiss.

The latter left him and he was taken prisoner by Louis XII.

He died on 27 May 1508.

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