laden table

I napkins They made their first appearance on the tables during the '500.

the purpose, it seems obvious to us, It was to give diners a piece of cloth to clean the mouth and hands.

At this point the question arises: as it did before their invention?

Simple: they used the tablecloth, clothes and rags, without being so many problems, They passed from one person.

Not exactly the best hygiene and education.

In fact towels were just one of many Announcements introduced in the Renaissance in catering sector.

In this period it, major changes occurred in the kitchen, both for the actual eating habits that in the way of dining.

I banquets era, Typical of the wealthier classes, who used them to flaunt power and opulence, It has gone down in history (see also

Moreover, even how you lay towels it was pretty spectacular.

On great occasions fact, instead of bending in four, it gave them the shape of animals or other natural elements.

During the sixteenth century, the food began to be considered an art and cooks People to be held in high regard.

A bit’ as happens today with the chef working in tv (photo: