birthplace of Leonardo

Birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci in Anchiano (BE)

The birthplace of Leonardo It is at Anchiano, about 3 kilometers from Vinci, in the province of Florence.

It is a typical country house of stone, of simple and linear form, which it rises by an expanse of olive trees gently nestled among the hills of Tuscany.

The current landscape is not much different, indeed it is substantially identical, Leonardo what he saw as a child and atmosphere that still reigns today, It helps the visitor understand what must have been the first human formation and personal illustrious personage.

birthplace of Leonardo

Interior of the house of Leonardo

The interior of the house consists of three environments, of which there are many original elements, as the large fireplace and floor tiles.

Among these walls, the Renaissance genius was born 15 April 1452.

Exactly 500 years later, in 1952, the birthplace of Leonardo was transformed into Museum.

Since, it is half a relentless cultural pilgrimage which also includes the beautiful village of Vinci.

Recently restored, It uses the building / museum today interactive contributions aimed at a better understanding of the close link between the artist and the places of his childhood.

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