Portrait of Giacomo Casanova

Left known as incurable womanizer, Giacomo Casanova he had, besides women, another passion: the gamble.

Nothing unusual actually for a Venetian doc like him, because the vice was an integral part of the beautiful lagoon city charm, whose inhabitants, always, They could not resist the lure of the bet and the game table.

Venice Queen of gambling: the first casino in the world

A demonstration of what has been said, just think that in Venice, in the far 1638, It was created the first casino in the world, the famous That’ Vendramin Calergi, of which Casanova, coincidentally, He became a frequent visitor.

There could not be a more appropriate place for the birth of what would later become a real institution of gambling, as it was for centuries that Venice citizens loved to spend time with this pastime a bit’ and licentious, almost always, linked to women's conquest.

What could be more congenial to one as Giacomo Casanova?


The actor Heath Ledger in Casanova Movie

Casanova and cards

And indeed, as easy to imagine, for the viveur the most famous of the eighteenth century, whose fame of unrepentant womanizer has unfortunately overshadowed the much more complex personality and eclectic (It was a politician, a spy, a writer, a magician, a librarian and a historian), the casino became almost a second home.

For him it was the greatest: in this place of perdition fact, Casanova could unleash, at the same time, two of the greatest passions which marked its existence, namely gambling and ladies.

This is clearly highlighted in the famous memory that the extravagant character has left us.

In them, the Casanova Italy's most famous black on white admits his weaknesses, peppering the narrative with anecdotes and details.

it tells us, eg, of the many debts contracts and, often, healed thanks to his irresistible seductive weapons.

The rest, hours and hours spent to focus on numbers and to bet on victories not always occurred, often they left the emptied pockets.

It was here that the irresistible charm came to the aid of clever playboy, that bewitching the richest ladies, He could almost always done by giving them the money needed to repay creditors.

Not only: often Casanova could continue to linger at the table only through the generosity of his mistresses.


Gambling at the time of Casanova

The “basseta”: a fifteenth-gambling

We can say that the Venetians, gambling, we had blood.

As we said, it existed and was in fact spread well before the establishment of the city of Calergi casinos.

In the '400, in particular, was all the rage the basseta.

It was a card game: in reference to five of them, the aim was to guess whether the next would have been higher or lower value of the previous.

A simple dynamic at the bottom, but at the time very much fascinated, so that gather together to play it was a habit to which almost no Venetian knew resist.

In regard to Venice circulated a popular saying, or “in the morning a messeta, after lunch a Basseta, after dinner a donneta”.

A mix sacred and profane which gives a good idea of ​​the way of understanding the life of the then Venetian and beyond.

Giacomo Casanova, At bottom, the perfect embodiment of this lightly, irreverent and collegiate experience of the existence.

The mess, today, it is online

Time passes and changing fashions, but the substance, often, It remains the same.

Gambling and casino, centuries away from their invention, I am far from the sunset, rather.

In reality, It is simply changed the way to conceive, live them and enjoy them.

In the digital age, the casino can only be online.

Internet is a medium that now possess all of which we can not do without, we use to inform, know, fun, buy and, why not, to gamble.

If it is true that once the Italian law was one of the most restrictive in the field, recently the legislation is changed and gambling, some types of gambling and certain kinds of bets, They have become entirely legal.

Of course, in accordance with certain rules.

This means that here too, currently, i online casinos are lawful and regulated (NetBet roulette online).

Thus the Italian Government has set in its wake many other European states.

It has the exclusive power with regard to the granting of licenses to those who explicitly requests, Whether it's a brand national, European or extra-.

The important, obviously, It is that it fully respect the rules in force (photo:, e