ankylosing spondylitis youth

Elio Germano is Giacomo Leopardi in the film “Young Fabulous”

Giacomo Leopardi He was not suffering from depression or from bone tuberculosis, but by ankylosing spondylitis youth.

The great poet from Recanati would not be born sickly and deformed as we have always thought, but he would contract this genetic disease at a young age.

To say what is the just reported Dr. Erik Sganzerla, Director of Neurosurgery Hospital San Gerardo University-Bicocca, who wrote on the subject a book.

To speak out, according to the scholar, They would be the same Leopardi's letters, in which he refers to symptoms such as urinary insufficiency, intestinal disorders, asthenia, gracility, short, pulmonary complications and cardipolmonari, typical of ankylosing.

The poet died a few days before his 39 years.

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