Roman emperors

Caligola. A Lead poisoning may have contributed to “madness” many Roman emperors

L’Lead poisoning It may have been the cause of madness many Roman emperors?

This is just a guess, but according to some scholars entirely plausible.

Excessive presence of this metal in the organism in fact, It causes not only Impotence in men (you see, but also plays an’poisonous action on the nervous system.

In fact, the Roman emperors, let's say so, bizarre, do not count: Nerone, Caligola, Eliogabalo e please are just a few among the best known for their excesses.

A daily source of lead was made by water pipes, around which, however,, in a short time, it created a crust limestone that protected.

The greatest danger, however, was from came.

This drink, highly valued in Rome, It is contained in special and special botti Lead filled, which contributed to confer a special sweetish taste.

Most of the emperors drank wine every day, and this could have contributed to harm their mental health (Photo gives: