Christmas dinner

Banquet sixteenth. The Christmas dinner 1557 in Russia at the court of the Tsar Ivan the Terrible, It remained memorable

The Christmas dinner 1557 a cut Russia It remained memorable for the glitz and the amazing menu.

The power was in the hands of right Ivan the Terrible, at the time married to Anastasja Zacharina; both they loved giving parties and banquets.

In festive occasion, the more than 1700 invited were nothing short of amazed by the splendor of the atmosphere in which they found themselves pleasantly immersed.

The tables were set with gold plates, finely decorated pottery, jugs decorated with semiprecious stones and cup of carnelian.

A real treat for the eyes, but there was no way to fully satisfy even the throat.

Number of course part, leaves you flabbergasted the complexity of many of them.

some examples?

In addition to dumplings, soups, caviar, cheese and the roasted meat, the guests they were able to enjoy much more elaborate preparations such as storks seasoned with spices and faithful City reproductions made completely of sugar.

At a certain point, appeared at the table even a Kremlin miniature.

Nobody, certainly, never able to forget this Christmas dinner at court (Photo gives: