The text of Pellegrino Artusi

The Cauliflower use of Romagna It is one of many recipes excerpts from Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating good of Pellegrino Artusi .

I carry the recipe verbatim:

“Divide a large ball of cauliflower, or two if they are small, in spiecchiettini that will wash and so undercooked, without drying, cook in this way: place it at the fire chopped garlic proportionate, parsley and oil, and when it is browned stop it with a drop of water.

Then toss in the cauliflower it with salt and pepper and when it has absorbed the beat to pull cooking using canned tomato dissolved in hot water.

Give grace and more flavor with Parmesan cheese when sent to the table, where it can serve as a side dish to boiled, in a damp or a cotechino”.

Want to try the recipe?

In fact it is a good side dish, 800 but the kitchen was fatter: you just need to limit oil (see also: (Photo gives: