man without hands

Tomb of man found near a dolphin

A man without hands She was found buried in a tomb and, a short distance from him, also an delfino.

For scholars it is a real affairs.

The discovery was made in Chapel Dom Hue, a rather difficult place to reach in’island of Guernsey, in the English Channel, by a team of archaeologists led by Professor Paul de Jersey.

The skeleton, apart from the skull damaged, It is fairly well preserved.

The man in question is high 1,50 meters, It is arranged with the legs and is completely devoid of hands.

The grave of '”man without hands” It seems to go back to the '500.

For the moment it seems impossible to find out more, then it is not known if the two burials are connected or whether it occurred randomly at different times.

The only thing certain, at the moment, is that nearby was a Benedictine monastery.

Just a coincidence?

The discovery is rather disturbing, as well as interesting, so hopefully we can draw some certain information.

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