Pig. The “accident” was a recipe of Apicius in pork liver fattened with figs base

With the term accident, nell’Ancient Rome, he indicated the animal liver fattened with figs.

I have already posted several recipes of the great chef Marco Gavius ​​Apicius (you see e, but this really is the ultimate non-diet!

I will not recommend to try it, However this gastronomic preparation is certainly interesting from a historical point of view.

Let's just say that the Romans did not like, in principle, to eat “light”.

The ficatum He is well prepared.

Ingredients: 400 grams of pork liver fattened with figs, 100 ml in vinegar to make the marinade, 6 grains black pepper, 2 ribs celery, 2 leaves laurel, pepe in powder, a pinch of sale, little ones casings of pork (or network), extra virgin olive oil.

Below the procedure.

Cut the liver into small pieces and soak it in a marinade made of vinegar, ground pepper, finely chopped celery and bay leaves.

Soak the meat for 4 ore, then take it out from the compound.

Salt and pepper the meat, before filling it with the casings (tying them well).

roast the ficatum on a hot grill oiled (Photo gives: