Nativity with Saints Lawrence and Francis of Assisi, the work of Caravaggio stolen in Palermo in 1969

Saturday 18 October 1969 She was consumed in Palermo one of the most sensational theft of Art History.

The event took place within the Oratory Church of San Lorenzo, in the city center.

In the early afternoon, around three, two keepers who had to get everything ready for commissioning, they found that a large painting above the altar was gone.

It was a painting any, but nothing less than a masterpiece Michelangelo Merisi, say The Caravaggio (see also: the Altarpiece of the Nativity with Saints Lawrence and Francis of Assisi, there since 1609.

Despite the research, the picture is never found.

It was not even a difficult theft, because the thieves entered by a faulty door and took him with them the picture, inter alia large, without anyone hearing and seeing nothing.

But who has stolen Caravaggio, mostly, where have you been?

Most likely there is behind the sensational theft mafia, such as the recent testimonies of some repentant confirm.

Unfortunately, it is unknown whether the work has been sold, either destroyed or are, instead, somewhere.

You never find?

Hopes are weak, who knows… (Photo gives: