childhood Lucrezia Borgia

Lucrezia Borgia in the TV series “I Borgia”. The childhood of Lucrezia Borgia was, as far as we know, rather serene

How was the’childhood Lucrezia Borgia, one of the most talked about women (and slander?) of history?

This beautiful little blonde girl destined to wreak havoc in the sacred Vatican palaces, He was born in 1480 a Subiaco, near Rome, from Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia e Vannozza trends, a woman of Lombard origin for many years resident in the Eternal City.

His, nephew Callisto III, Became the infamous Pope Alexander VI in 1492, while she, his mistress historical, He was in charge of the management of inns also frequented by prostitutes.

Lucrezia's family was not traditional: practically, she was the illegitimate daughter of a pope full of lovers and was not even the only.

To establish with certainty how many children have had Rodrigo is impossible, Vannozza but it had all four: in addition to the only female, there were Giovanni, Caesar and Goffredo.

The woman also, Despite the unorthodox relationship with the prelate, He married again.

But do we know about the childhood of Lucrezia Borgia?

Not much really, but it seems that the mother has remained slightly.

Still very small, the girl was in the care of Adriana Mila Orsini, relative dell'ingombrante father.

She worked on it with love and care, education was exemplary.

Inter alia, Lucrezia learned the native language, the Spanish, because the family was originally of JATIVA, near Valencia (the real name was in fact Borja).

The young Lucrezia was very attracted to those distant lands and dreamed of moving there one day, but the parents chose for her a different road.

Intelligent, beautiful and cultured, it became the perfect pawn to be moved at will in the political arena of the time, favoring the insatiable lust for power of family (Photo gives: