Fire of Rome

Fire of Rome 64 d. C.

L’fire of Rome 64 d.C. It is one of the most tragic pages in the history of the city.

Blame, as known, It was attributed to Nerone, which in turn he pointed the finger at the Christians, but probably the causes were accidental.

Nell’city in reality, fires were common and largely stemmed from the massive presence, especially in the most popular districts, the wooden kitchens, subject to easily burn.

So why people are talking about this event?

Because it aroused such an impression even among contemporaries?

For a very simple reason: It was of enormous proportions.

The fire of Rome 64 d.C. was a catastrophe, as the figures show.

The damage was massive and many victims.

In addition, the strong summer heat (was the 18 July), certainly did not help.

of 14 Total neighborhoods where the city was divided, three were totally destroyed, 7 severely damaged and only three remained unharmed.

A large number of civil and public housing ended in ashes and flames also engulfed ancient and important buildings.

These include the Temple of the Moon devoted to Selene built by King Servio Tullio, the even older and symbolically matchless dedicated to Jupiter Stator by Romulus, the Numa Pompilius palace, l’Great Altar of Hercules and the great sanctuary of Vesta with Penati.

The artistic and cultural heritage, Unfortunately, also suffered incalculable damage: were lost forever some Greek masterpieces and original texts of literature.

From the human point of view, The situation was even worse.

They died tens of thousands of people, although the exact number has never been calculated.

Rome fire brought with it another serious consequence: over 200000 homeless.

Many Roman, in a moment, They saw the house go up in smoke, objects and all that with hard work they were able to build (Photo gives: