Skulls of people who may have been beheaded by the Celts

I Celts They cut off the heads of fallen enemies and kept as trophies.

This macabre usanza, described by some Roman authors, He had never found, till now, archaeological evidence that could confirm.

The Romans also, as known, they used to “enrich” the stories on enemies, with the intention of demonstrating the ferocity.

Now the discovery and analysis of some skulls found in France, It seems however to witness the horrible habit.

Practically, Celts cut the head defeated opponent and they tied to his horse's neck, then the they mummified and putting up on the doorstep as “winning trophy”.

Traces of some preservatives and perfumed found on skulls, would seem to be remnants of a rudimentary process of embalming.

They await confirmation on.

For more information and details here: https://scienze.fanpage.it/i-galli-erano-davvero-brutali-decapitavano-i-nemici-e-ne-imbalsamavano-le-teste/ (Photo gives: scienze.fanpage.it).