Cleopatra's tomb

Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Perhaps the tomb of Cleopatra was finally found

The Cleopatra's tomb It was eventually found?

Second Zahi Hawass, famous archaeologist and Egyptologist, Yup.

The queen of Egypt, according to the scholar's statements, He would be buried in Taposiris Magna (Abusir), not too far from Alexandria, next to her beloved Marco Antonio.

If the news is confirmed, we'll be looking at one of the most important historical discoveries of all time.

Finding the tomb of Cleopatra has always been the dream of the Egyptologists and beyond.

Now, perhaps, the turning point: “They are very close, I really have her identified, I'm on the right track, I have great hopes of finding it early” are the words of Hawass.

The excavations are difficult enough, especially since the water from the nearby lake flooded underground sites identified by robot used, but it will go ahead anyway.

These rooms will be first freed from water, then we will continue to dig.

A short short, we may face at Cleopatra's mummy, who knows, even before the body of Marco Antonio (Photo gives: