The young Michelangelo sculpted faun's head

How they met Michelangelo e Lorenzo the Magnificent?

In this regard circulating for centuries a story.

It is said that the great patron was walking across the green gardens of San Marco when, rimastone deeply impressed, He stopped to admire a magnificent head of a faun carved from’ artist, at the time as a teenager.

The work pleased him very, but he found that the teeth were too perfect, and therefore unfit, an old mythological creature as the faun.

Lorenzo did this to the boy, and went on his way.

However the skilled sculptor budding wasted no time with a chisel splintered teeth of her child.

When the Magnificent passed again before the statue, He was so impressed by the skill and readiness of the child to decide to let him into his service.

So it was that Michelangelo made his entrance to the palace Doctors.

The episode is recounted in Quick of Giorgio Vasari.

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