Lady with an Ermine

Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo (details)

Leonardo da Vinci He loved embed images in his paintings and words, giving intricate life affairs still largely mysterious: the Lady with an Ermine is no exception (you see: .

One of the best known works of the Tuscan genius fact, It is not without symbols signs and more or less hidden.

Leonardo greatly loved nature and animals (you see:, that depicted very often, but in this case the’ermine takes Also specific meanings.

The girl holding him in her arms is Cecilia Gallerani, favorite Ludovico il Moro, the buyer of the painting.

Well, in Lady with an Ermine, Nothing is left to chance.

The fact soft animal, symbolizes the one hand the noble family of the girl's membership, on the other the Moor himself.

This is because the name Ermine, in greek, is galé, with clear reference to the name of the model, while the same was Ludovico Knight of the Order dell'Ermellino.

The prestigious title had been given by King Ferdinand I of Naples for his contribution to the repression of uprising of the barons in South. (Photo gives: